Harto x BYN by ABC cultural

Two collaborations bridging physical & digital worlds.

Mareas temporales

An infinite interactive canvas transforming a 100 years old newspaper in a contemporary piece of art.

Mareas temporales is an evolving, interactive, generative work in which the artist reinterprets a page from the ABC newspaper archive. This living work of art is a dialogue about time. A wave evoking temporal glitches, where past memories merge with pixel instability. A historical piece of digitisation, a link between past and present through its code.

Mint page: https://highlight.xyz/mint/650b4d7e4234fb7ab6179432
Collection page : https://highlight.xyz/mint/650b4d7e4234fb7ab6179432/tokens
Technique: Generative art p5.js
Collection size: Open edition
: Responsive 


25 generative colorful pieces inspired on waves, growth and a conglomeration of algorithms.A generative piece with textures reminiscent of canvases and looms, natural movement patterns and the use of error through the repetition of fragments of the work, with different rhythms and harmonies that converge in vibrant composition
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Mint page: https://highlight.xyz/mint/650daa974234fb7ab6179471
Collection page : https://highlight.xyz/mint/650daa974234fb7ab6179471/tokens
Technique: Generative art p5.js
Collection size: 25
: Responsive
Year: 2023