Born in Spain in 1993, Harto embodies the convergence of different disciplines in his role as artist and designer, weaving elements of the natural world, theatrical representation and digital innovation into his work. His academic background in industrial design and prototyping, from which he graduated in 2016, provided a solid foundation for his artistic career.

The global pandemic in 2020 marked a decisive turning point in Harto's artistic development. The decision to abandon theatre and the tangible world of his previous work to immerse himself in the digital world, the novel and emerging world of NFT. His transition was quickly successful; within months, Harto's digital creations were being exhibited at international events.

His work has been exhibited in such prestigious art venues as New York, Miami and Hong Kong. But perhaps the highlight of his career to date is his involvement in launching the first NFTs into space. This collaboration, backed and supported by influential space organisations such as SpaceX and NASA, brought together 50 international artists under the auspices of the Rakia mission.

Harto's work pushes the boundaries of what is possible in art, extending its reach from the streets of Spain to the vastness of space.

Design University, Escola Eina, Barcelona  

Industrial modelism and prototyping, Escola Massana, Barcelona

Disfrutar x Massana
Project for the 8 best restaurant of the world.

Fête des Lumières 
"Lucinoctes" with the company PICTO FACTO for the 1st festival of lights (1852)

"Biscornu " with PICTO FACTO for Lumières Shanghai

Perfomance in more than 100 live shows and light-art festivals  
France, Spain, Portugal, China, Belgium, Qatar, Thailand, Uk, Germany...

Top 10  artist on Rarible

Top 3 artist on Signart 
Q1 2021

Project Ark and WWF
Serie of NFT collaborations
Q1-Q2 2021

Collaborations with more than 50 international artists
Defaced Studio, Kibo,Nathan Head, Browntopink,Harrison First, SurrealSerpentine, The Bandanaboy...

Miami BTC conference by NFTS.TIPS
Exhibited artwork in collaboration with Nathan Head
Q2 2021

Project TARDX transformed in Arkanauts  
Q3-Q4 2021 

Art director in Project Ark 
October 2021

Artwork exhibited in NFT.NYC
Collaboration with SearchLight x NFTS.TIPS 
(Q4 2021)

Artworks exhibited in Hong Kong
Soho House x Project ark
Q4 2021

Artworks exhibited in Miami crypto experience
Curation Project ark
Q4 2021

The Big Dream - Artwork exhibited in New York City
AZ10TS Gallery in Times Square, NYC)
Q4 2021

The big Dream by 
10 artworks exhibited in the ISS ( International Space Station) 

Artistic collaboration with Picture This
First NFT collection of the award winning photographer Christian Houge
Q2 2022

Q1 2023
Generative art collection  - SOLD OUT

Q1 2023
Comission for Vivid Gallery 
Sub 10K Ordinals - SOLD OUT

Q2 2023
Emotional NFT  - SOLD OUT

Artworks exhibited in ETH BCNNFT.NYC 
Q2 2023

Artworks exhibited in NFT Show EuropeFT.NYC
Q2 2023

Q3 2023
Generative art collection - SOLD OUT

Harto x BYN - Recover - “Mareas temporales”C 
Q3 2023
“Collaboration with ABC cultural” - MINT OPEN

Harto x BYN - Cientouno -  “Accumulation” 
Q3 2023
“Collaboration with ABC cultural” - MINT OPEN

The Cube
Q4 2023
Featured artowork in collaboration with

Artworks exhibited in Lezar HouseYC
Q4 2023
“Exhibition - Let art Be”

Artworks exhibited in European Blockchain Convention C
Q4 2023
“Curation - Lezar House”