Blocks was conceived as an artistic and generative endeavor, embodying my unwavering intention to seamlessly blend design, automation, and simplicity, all while drawing inspiration from the revolutionary blockchain technology.

Right from its inception, Blocks aimed to transcend conventional boundaries and explore the synergy between various creative disciplines. By fusing the realms of design, automation, and simplicity, I sought to create a unique and captivating project that not only resonates aesthetically but also harnesses the transformative power of blockchain.

Blocks is the first act of The Paradox.

Blocks is inspired by this generation of relatives of the Merkle principle, starting from the first block on the axis (0,0,0) and growing in an artistic way towards the points of three-dimensional space, thanks to grids. To represent and use the power of grids I have used an array system where the cubes grow in all directions with more or less pixels between them, creating different forms depending on collisions, overlays and distances.

Year: 2023 
Collection size: 124
Technique: Python and blender 
Chain: Ethereum