Formation is inspired by the sublime patterns of nature. It combines them with the mathematical beauty of cellular automata, similar to those found in Conway's Game of Life.

Like the cellular organisms it is inspired by, the artwork exists not as a static representation but as an ever-changing, evolving entity. 

You'll find a mix of organic and geometric patterns born from the rules of cellular automata. Using a stark contrast of black and white, these patterns, like the cells in the Game of Life, live, die and resurrect, creating an endless dance of shapes and formations that are breathtaking in their simplicity and captivating in their complexity.

Creating Formation has been a fascinating journey for me - a dance with mathematics, art and technology. I invite you to join this exploration, to interact, to perceive, to question and to interpret.

Experience the beauty of generative art that is as alive and evolving as the natural world from which it draws inspiration.


"Formation is a generative work of art, deeply inspired by the repetition and patterns inherent in nature.The concept of fractals, embodied in phenomena such as leaf veins or river networks, is reflected in the complex, self-similar patterns within 'Formation'; the principles of symmetry, as seen in the wings of a butterfly or the design of a snowflake, guide the harmonious arrangement of patterns in the work.

The rhythm and persistence of waves, whether oceanic, light or sound, influence the dynamic, ever-evolving nature of the artwork.

The layered complexity of geological formations is echoed in the layered patterns and depth within 'Formation.

Finally, the repeating melodies in nature's soundtrack inspire the visual 'notes' and 'melodies' within the piece. Each of these elements is drawn upon, synthesised and reimagined through code to create an artwork that stands as a testament to nature's repetitive yet varied grandeur.

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Technique: Generative art p5.js
Collection size: 300
: 2350x3000px
Year: 2023