“ An interactive experience inscribed in the blockchain that offers the community an experimental journey thanks to social interactions.”

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This project takes inspiration from collaborative research conducted by multiple members of the Project Ark multidisciplinary team.

The concept for Project Ark originated from Jin, the visionary leader and founder of Catalyst Hub. Jin, known for their expertise in social strategy, proposed utilizing Twitter data from direct tweets to generate art.

Following the proposal, our team, including Adrian, a former member of Project Ark, began developing the idea. Although our initial proposal underwent significant changes and was never fully realized, it is crucial to understand its origins in relation to the final outcome, known as POL.

In homage to the original project that never materialized, I decided to retain the initials and bring it to life in my own unique way. Thus, "Proof of Life" transformed into a personal endeavor with a distinct art form, framework, and interpretation of the community, which I call "The Paradox."

“The Paradox is composed in four acts. 
The first one is Blocks and the next project is POL.”

POL is a captivating collection of emotional NFTs that exists on the blockchain, presented through a geometric canvas.

This unique project revolves around analyzing the Twitter feed of each individual involved. To accomplish this, we employ the power of NLP AI, allowing us to delve into the depths of their emotions.

As a result of this analysis, three distinct types of users emerge: those with a negative sentiment, those with a neutral sentiment, and those with a positive sentiment.

This classification serves as the foundation for the generation of diverse variations in color and form within our on-chain artwork.


Year: 2023
Chain: Ethereum
Technique: Vanilla javascript, python, AI 

Blockchain lead:
Drengr( Gerard Fernández, Pierre Huchot, Florent Covert)

Tech lead:
Raúl Gómez

Marketing and communications:
Ophélie Bressy, Gian and Momentum Labs

Thanks to all supporters:
Project Ark, Catalyst Hub, Wren(OCB), Juliette, Humus,Billy, Dobey Benedictkv, Culhwch, Cypherphunk, Billy,Deathnote,Killer sama, Youaredead and all the community.